Something different

This small project is a little different. I’m sewing something for my mountain bike. Yes, my bike!

I get a lot of dirt and water flying in my face and I needed something to prevent that. I searched the World Wide Web and found these guys commercially available.

IMG_1035.JPG (I don’t own this picture. Source:Google)

They catch all the dirt that would usually fly right into your face. See here….

IMG_1037.JPG (i don’t own this pic. Source: Google)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find one in the size I needed. BUT seeing as it’s just a wide elastic that spans the gap I thought I could make it myself. So I went ahead and made prototype number one….



I had really wide elastic (for some high waisted skirt projects that are not even half finished.)
The frayed cuts are there because the fork on my bike won’t allow it to go straight across, the middle section needs to give way.
It’s only trial one. If this works well I will go about making a pretty looking one and update you on it too.

Here are some more bike pics…. My SO was dismantling and pimping his.



EDIT: it works!!! Time to make the real one.



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