Hang up everything!!!

I decided my work space in the office needed to be more cluttered. I had recently bought some small picture frames in Ikea and instead of putting a load of nails in the wall for that many frames I stuck the frames together. I used duct tape to hold it and staples that spanned two frames. Caution: this might not be enough. Mine fell down the first evening because I only had taped it. So on came the staples.
I also added two extra nails, so there’s one holding the topmost frame which is holding everything else, then there’s one under the bottom most frame and one underneath a middle frame on the right hand side. I put them in after it was hanging so I could place them correctly just under the frame, I.e. The frames is on top of those two extra nails.



I also put in a couple more nails and spanned twine between them. Here I hung up some cool postcards, mementos and a couple photos. Tiny little clothes pegs would be really cute here but I didn’t have any. I used staples! I stapled the middle of the top of my postcard but only let one hook of the staple go through the paper, that way it was half stapled and I could use the other end to hang on the twine.