Kitchen makeover part two

…of three.

Managed to update the kitchen again with the second part of my makeover plan. One final piece is still missing but that will take some time.

I attached the “cuisine” wall tattoo to the wall, placed a cup board with cup hooks on the wall, hung up my new weighing scale with a small hook and mounted the kitchen roll holder.




This freed up the space under my windowsill so that I have more free workspace for while I’m cooking.


I also put two small bookshelves above the door beside the clock. That way the cookbooks are out of the way and I don’t loose 30cm of my already narrow kitchen. Everything I’ve placed on the wall is 15cm or less which means I don’t hit off it moving around my kitchen but it’s still deep enough to hold things.


And a little pro tip from someone with back problems that can’t lift things…. Place potted plant trolleys under the beer crates (or other large heavy boxes) to move them around easily.


Kitchen is almost done. Still missing the extra cupboard space I want under the window. I also want to heighten the current work top that’s under the window so that I can work on it, so far it’s only good for getting things out of your way.


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