Wedding Bells and Sewing Needles


A friend of mine got married last November and I made them a card/picture/gift that they could keep as a date reminder.

I found a cute image on the internet (original source unknown) and printed it the size I needed for my card/picture/gift.

I taped the image under the actual cardboard piece, placed it on glass (glass sheet belonging to another picture frame), placed this on my knees and placed a flashlight under it between my legs so that the light shone the image through the card so I could sketch it. I only sketched parts of it, not all the outlined. Anything I wanted to sew later on was not sketched.


Then I took the image and placed ontop of the cardboard and taped it in place. I used the flashlight to guide me so that I could place my sketched parts exactly ontop of the image.


Then I pinned it in place on a large cardboard box  and started poking holes along the outlies that I didn’t sketch. These are the parts that I then sewed. IMG_20131103_170815

It looked like this after I was done pokng holes. Its not easy on your fingers. I used a small corkboard pin so that didn’t help at all. I would advise you to use a needle that is made for this kind of thing. They look like pencils but have a sharp pin at the end.


Next you’ll need to sew through all of the holes that you’ve made. I chose to add a heart and their initials as well as their wedding date to the card. Last bu not least (if you wish) add a fancy frame. Of course you can also leave it as a card that folds. Whatever you wish.


This card emroidering is a really simple, cute idea for any card you send or  for the envelope. Mashine sewing is also possible.