Advent Calenders

A little lae again … I take too long to upload my stuff…. oh well.

I made myself an advent calendar out of cardboard, empty matchboxes, wrapping paper scraps and a battery operated christmas lights.

First I covered the matchboxes in wrapping paper and numbered them 1 to 24. I bought the boxes on ebay for 3euro. I filled them with a piece of chocolate and a little note with instructions.

IMG_20131123_171335 IMG_20131123_171301 IMG_20131123_184544 IMG_20131123_184937

Drew a Tree, made a shoot, coloured it in (badly… it was meant to be the prototype, it will end up staying this year.) stuck the light in from the back, filled the shoot with the matchboxes and lit it.

IMG_20131123_183717  IMG_20131123_231002

I made one for my hubby too. Its a crate of beer with 20 different types of beer and each of them wears a numbered tag. We only need twenty because we’ll be gone for teh last 4 days.