Apple-blueberry galettes

250g flour
80g sugar
Small bit of vanilla essence (optional. It actually calls for small packets if vanilla flavoured sugar, 1 pack if you have it)
1 egg
175g butter, unsalted
70g brown sugar
2 table spoons of milk.

Sieve flour.
Add sugar and vanilla essence.
Add the egg and 125g if the butter (diced).
Knead thoroughly.
Wrap in klingfilm and place in fridge for 30 mins.

Preheat fan assisted oven to 180’C (200’C non fan assisted)

Cut apples into small squares. Place in bowl, add small bit of butter and some sugar, microwave for 2 mins.
Wash blueberries, take out any remaining stems.

Roll out the dough until its about 5mm thick.
Cut out circles (I cut squares, much easier).
Place fruit in centre.
Roll up or fold the edges in.
Add square of butter on top of fruit.
Brush milk onto edges (I didn’t)
Sprinkle brown sugar over fruit and galette (I didn’t have any, used regular sugar).

Bake for approx 25mins.

Best when still warm. Plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and … Oh god…. So good… All mine!!

Original recipe called for peaches not apples, no microwaving needed of peaches. I thought that might be a little too sweet.




Cork board for wine enthusiasts

I needed a pin board in my new kitchen and it had to be something special and unique…
So I bought a cheap frame in Ikea


And a box of wine corks on eBay. Add some glue and pins so you can start.


I tried placing the corks on the frame as they were …


And I tried halving a few just to see…


I preferred the halves. If you want to make halves I suggest a very very sharp knife and be careful!! I ended up with a massive blister because of the pressure I had to use to get through those corks. 

I placed all the cork halves on the frame without glue to make sure they fit and then glued one row at a time. Use plenty of glue. You don’t want them falling off.

Tadaaa, time to attach your shopping list or your “phd – project half done” list. Or anything else you want 🙂