Tiny Booties with Ribbon

A friend of mine had her first child two days ago, a little girl called Emilia.

I decided to make her a little “welcome to the world” present.

DSC_0988    DSC_0987

I made two little pink bows using this very easy to follow tutorial on youtube.

I knitted two long strips, 7st wide and about 24cm long. Fold it in so that approx 8cm overlap and then turn that part on its back so that it looks like a loop at the end, i tried taking a picture to show it. Sew along the short part. then fold over the last third to make the sole. Sew along the edges along the sole and turn inside out. Attach the bow and voila, pretty shoesies  😛

fold over ca 8cm.


turn that piece over so that front to front meet.


you can also knit or crochet a T. and sow the edges together.

DSC_0989 DSC_0990 DSC_0991