Getting good at this.

Very productive day with six new squares for my blanket. They’re starting to look a lot more uniform too.



Tiny square !

I bought a big bag of scrap wool for really cheap on ebay with the intention of making lots and lots and lots of squares and sewing them together to make a blanket for wintertime by the fire. I finally started!!

I got this granny square pattern on the web, the girl doing the pattern even has a video tutorial which I found very helpful. I was able to play parts I didn’t understand as often as I liked until I understood. The pattern is pretty easy.

CH 2

Row 1: Turn, SC 3 times in 2nd CH from hook.
Row 2:Turn, CH 1,SC, SC 3 times in next ST,SC.
Row 3:Turn, CH 1,SC in next 2 STS, SC 3 times in next ST,SC in next 2 STS.
Row 4:Turn, CH 1,SC in next 3 STS, SC 3 times in next ST,SC in next 3 STS.
Row 5:Turn, CH 1,SC in next 4 STS, SC 3 times in next ST,SC in next 4 STS.
Row 6:Turn, CH 1,SC in next 5 STS, SC 3 times in next ST,SC in next 5 STS.
You might notice a pattern, the amount of crochets that you SC before and after you SC three times in teh same CH always increases by one evry row. So, if in the last row you did, you had to SC 4 then SC three times in one CH then SC 4, you will have to SC 5 in the next row then SC three times in one CHand SC 5 again…that increases to 6 and then to 7 and so on.
I would advise that you actually count the first 4 rows or so. After that its easy eough to see (and notice) when you’re on the corner CH where you wouldhave to SC three times in the one CH.
The SC three times in the one CH basicallly lets you crochet around the outside of the corner. Handy to know for any future projects.
Look, I made a tiny square.
It grew and grew and grew …. until my scrap yarn piece was at an end.
 DSC_0857 DSC_0858
It was fun and easy so that I made a couple more with all sorts of different kinds of scrap wool. I think I’ll be making these on the subway in the mornings as a way to keep me busy and keep my blanket growing.
DSC_0874 DSC_0871 DSC_0865 DSC_0862 DSC_0877