A little off-topic

I found some cool old tea tins in the new house. (I’m moving soon)

I decided to do something with them since they were so pretty.

I bought some magenta daisies for my tins.

Best is to use them as over-pots, i.e. don’t plant the plant in it straight up, only place the potted plant in the container. That way you won’t have water stowing and rotting the roots and killing your plants.

I didn’t have pots that fit in the tins and as the daisies came in a 10pack pot, i couldn’t use that.

I put stones in the bottom of the containers so that any excess water will sit between the rocks and not in the root soil.

My eventual goal is to have herbs growing in the tea tins and have them on my kitchen window ledge.


Cheerful Chicken

Over the Easter weekend, I thought I would keep in line with the festivities. This amigurumi chicken is for my sister, and I made the pattern up as I went along, so I hope I remember it correctly. If you have any questions while trying to make it, just ask!


Materials needed:

  • 4.5 mm crochet hook
  • Double knit wool in yellow, red and black
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • sc – single crochet(s)
  • dec – decrease
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • ch – chain
  • FO – fasten off
  • tc – triple crochet
  • dc –  double crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • slst – slip stitch

(In yellow yarn.)

Rounds for body:

  • Round 1: Make a magic circle with 6 stitches (6)
  • Round 2: Sc 2 into each st (12)
  • Round 3: Sc 2 into every second st (18)
  • Round 4: Sc 2 into every third st (24)
  • Round 5:  Sc 2 into every fourth st (30)
  • Round 6: Sc 2 into every fifth st (36)
  • Round 7: Sc into every st (36)
  • Continue rounds of 36 for rounds 8-12
  • Round 13: Sc into 5 sts, dec. Repeat to end of round (30)
  • Round 14: Sc into 4 sts, dec. Repeat to end (24)
  • Round 15: Sc into 3 sts, dec. Repeat to end (18)
  • Round 16: Sc into 2 sts, dec. Repeat to end (12)
  • Begin stuffing as tightly as possible at this stage, if you haven’t been doing it already.
  • Round 17: Dec to end of round (6)
  • Using a yarn needle, sew the end together through the front loop only of each st around. Pull the yarn tight, and the hole will close naturally. Then weave in the ends.
For the wings (X2):
  • Decide on the placement of them, then pick up a stitch on the side of the body. Sc into it, then repeat on 4 more sts.
  • Ch 1, hdc in first st. Dc in 3 sts. Hdc in 1 st. FO.
For the tail (X7)
  • Find the middle of the body, pick up a stitch on the side of the body. Ch 5. FO.
  • Repeat twice on one row and 4 times on the row beneath it.
(In red yarn.)
Feet (X2)
  • Ch 6, hdc, slst, dc, slst, hdc. FO.
  • Ch 7, sc into 6 sts, dec at each end until one st remains. FO.
Comb (Optional)
  • Ch 8, dc and slst into third st, tc 3, slst and dc into last st. FO.
Sew on the feet, beak and comb onto the body using the whip stitch. Sew on eyes using the black yarn.
Aaaand done!

Cherry-Cheese Cake

I was in a big Baking mood and decided to snoop through the internet and find some nice cake recipes to try out.

First was a Cherry-cheese Cake  🙂  so good!!!


for the Base and Top.

500g Flour

2Tsp Baking Powder

100g Butter (I use unsalted)

150g Sugar

2 Eggs.

For the Filling:

1 Jar of cherries, drained.

100g Sugar

3 eggs

vanilla aroma (optional, in Germany you get vanilla flavoured Sugar in handy little packets.)

500g Quark. (Equivalent to very very thick yoghurt, The Greek Yoghurt in Lidl woks perfectly, t sure about other brands, it needs to be really thick)

1 Packet of Vanilla Puddinng Powder (cornflour also works, I think 18g is 1 Packet, not entirely sure)


Mix the ingredients for the base and top. Best use your hands and pinch the dough as if you’re making a crumble. Use 2/3 of it to make a base and edge in the greased round tin. Make sure you have a tin where you can tke off the outer ring without the base… otherwise you wont be able to get your cake out!!!!! Place the drained cherries on top.

Mix the eggs with the sugar, vanilla aroma for the filling, whisk it so that its frothy. Add the Quark (or greek yoghurt) and then the Pudding poweder (or cornflour)  Place that ontop of the cherries, filling the base. Put the rest of teh Crumbly dough on top and bake.

Bake for approx 45min in a 200°C oven. (200°C for top and bottom heat, 180°C for those with air circulation)


the pic on the right is Quark, as you can see, its very very thick yoghurt like cheese stuff.